Virgin Airlines, Easyjet and London

Katie dropped us off at the International Terminal in SFO, and we went searching for food. The food selection didn’t seem as good as previously at the International Termianl.

They brought in extra airport screeners before we left, however, luckily we weren’t searched. Life is much easier now that people don’t cart their entire trip baggage onto the online gaming plane, but have to check it early. We might not be able to have bottles of water, but part of the travel has become convenient–empty overhead compartments :)

Virgin Atlantic has great personalized video screens, with special controls for choosing TV shows, movies, games; however, the software was misconfigured, so NONE of the movies were what would be displayed (probably because it was September 1st, so they still had the programming from August, even though they had updated their playlist). So… we played video gaming roulette choosing movies at random hoping to find something interesting to watch.

The food was okay, but neither of us slept well. We landed in Heathrow at 10AM. We had to walk a LOT before getting our bags and going through customs (without incident).

We grabbed the Tube and went into downtown London. Our flight left from Gatwick Airport later in the afternoon (and we had booked a reservation on the Gatwick Express train leaving from gamer Victoria Station). We exited the Tube at South Kensington and decided to walk the rest of the way to Victoria Station.

We walked east away from the touristy area. We ended up at a small pub, The Beauchamp (43-44 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge), where we had WONDERFUL Fish and Chips and great beer (Stella and an IPA). We walked the rest of the way to Victoria Station as the wind started to pick up. We took the firstclass train to Gatwick (only 30 minutes); Sheri was asleep immediately (I fell asleep soon after).

We arrived in Gatwick, and went searching for EasyJet (the Southwest of Europe). Finally we found the airline, and the 150+ people waiting to check-in. The line moved relatively quickly and we moved to the front. We waited in the airport for our Gate to show up on the screen (they don’t assign a gate until 30 minutes before take-off). 30 minutes after we should have taken off, the flight finally went from “Waiting” to a gate number, and there was a mad dash as everyone from the plane headed to the gate. It was definitely a madhouse. London proved true to form, and it was raining as we got to the plane.

We finally boarded. Sheri sat in the aisle; I on the window seat. A lady sat between us. I fell asleep soon after take-off. When I woke up, Sheri was talking to the lady, Lenka. She lives in Prague (and travels to London a lot) as an acupuncturist. Her english was very good, and she told us multiple places that we should eat at.

We kept talking to her, through the landing and baggage claim. The Guesthouse Lida was supposed to send a driver to pick us up, however, since our plane was late, we were worried that he might have left. After searching for someone holding a sign with our names, we gave up and started looking for a cab. That’s when Jan showed up to take us to our hotel; he was friendly and said that he and his brother owned the hotel. Since the owner was picking us up at the airport and Lenka lived nearby, we asked if she could come along and be dropped off at her home. He agreed and off we went.

Jan gave a great tour of the city (“by night”) as we headed into Prague from the airport. Lenka and Jan found out that they had went to the same school (although several years apart) and both of their English was VERY good. We got our first view of the castle, lit up at night–very beautiful. We also saw also saw Getty’s Dancing Building with interesting curves and arches on one corner. We dropped off Lenka at her home with two quick kisses on the cheek :), and then went on to Guesthouse Lida in the residential area of Prague.

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We headed to the room and finally got a shower after more than 24 hours of travel. We went out to find food (at midnight), but both of the bars that Jan had suggested weren’t serving food anymore. We decided to just have beer–wonderful beer for LoL dinner. We then headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night. We were FINALLY settled in Europe!

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  1. Virgin is the only way I’ll do transatlantic flights from now on. They get it. Comfort is paramount on those long flights and they make it totally bearable.

    Geeky McGeekpants for figuring out why the movies weren’t queued correctly!

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