SFO to London

After being delayed by a week by an Icelandic volcano, we FINALLY get to head to Europe, and better yet, it´s first class on Virgin Airlines. We took the Supershuttle to the airport without problem. It was mid-afternoon, so we thought we would grab a snack since we didn´t have lunch. We had a great burger and fries at the Burger Joint at the airport. It was perfectly cooked and fresh, definitely worth the stop.

Since we were on Virgin First Class, we thought we would go to the Virgin Lounge. They offered us free drinks (beer and mixed drinks) as well as snacks (cheese and manchego quesadillas). It was a comfortable wait before the flight.

We finally went to the plane and boarded when our gate opened. We walked to our individual cubicles with partitions separating the passengers. There was a nice footrest, and the seat converted into a bed… no this is the way to fly!!!! The stewardess offered us drinks and gave us our sleeping suits (black long sleeve shirt and sweatpants). The captain spoke up and said that the plane was delayed taking off since they didn´t refill the oxygen. Better than another volcanic explosion, and we took off almost an hour late. The seats had individual monitors to watch on-demand movies/TV shows/etc. This was the life of comfort. The stewardesses (stewardi?) came around offering us drinks and snacks until dinner a few hours later. Dinner was very good, asparagus soup for Larry and salad for Sheri. For the main meal we both had pork medallions, mashed potatoes. And the desserts (creme caramel and cheesecake were also good).

After dinner, we closed all the windows and dimmed the lights. We converted our reclined seats to lay flat. There were even covers and a duvet to keep warm during the overnight flights to London. We were definitely on our way to Portugal. After a while we dozed as we headed to our final destination.