Grenada, Day 1

We woke early to intermittent rain and it wasn’t long before we were asleep again. Long travel days preceded by a sleepless night just isn’t that easy to bounce back from when you’re pushing middle age.

Our villa had been stocked with fruit (great local bananas, not those crappy cavendish we get I’m the US), so we had something to snack on for breakfast. We got cleaned up and decided to eat at the hotel restaurant – not something we normally do but Aquarium came highly recommended. The day was still pretty dreary, windy and rainy. Our beach prospects were looking slim. Before lunch we arranged for a rental car with the front office – not an easy decision or one we had planned on, but it seemed a lot more flexible than getting a driver for a day.

Lunch was great. We shared a salad with incredible local goat cheese, a grilled fish sandwich and fries. We caught a break in the storm and hung out on our patio reading for a while… until I fell asleep on the chaise lounge. At some point Larry had moved inside because I found him asleep when I finally got up. More reading and lounging and getting eaten alive by bugs and it was dinner time.

We settled on a small restaurant called Boots Cuisine, run by Boots and his wife Ruby out on a patio in front of their home. We called for a taxi, and on the way there Desmond gave us a bit of an overview of the island, tips on things to do the next day, and the history behind Boots (he had gained a reputation working as a chef at one of the resorts). An overpriced taxi ride, but informative. Every day I fall a little more in love with the Caribbean lilt.

Dinner at Boots is fixed price, with a choice of for the main dish. We started with a fantastic pumpkin soup that even I, a longtime hater of pumpkin, loved. Next was a crayfish wrap and then TLC (which turned out to be a tomato, lettuce, cucumber salad). Larry had the dish Boots is known for – curry lambi. Which isn’t anything remotely close to lamb, it’s what the Grenadians call conch, or sea snail. It was delicious, as was my fish in coconut cheese gravy. Dessert was a trio – nutmeg ice cream (I could have eaten a gallon), fruit cake and plum pudding,

Well-stuffed and rested, we called Desmond to pick us up and went straight to bed in anticipation of an early day of exploring tomorrow.