SFO – Grenada

We stayed up the night before we left, since we had a 3:30am car picking us up for a 6AM flight (we could have left later since it was considered a national flight to Miami instead of an international one to Grenada). Poor Coco was not happy as we either sat on our laptops doing mainly last minute work or collected items for the final packing.

The car was right on time and took us to SFO with no traffic on the dark, early morning roads. We ended up in Terminal 2, the new terminal at SFO. We checked in and quickly got through security. We were so early that most stores weren’t open yet. When they finally did, I grabbed a breakfast burrito and Sheri had a hot chocolate at The Plant. We boarded our plane and luckily no one sat between us. We were both quickly sleeping after our sleepless night, and we slept most of the flight to Miami.

We landed early and had about 2 hours until our next flight. We walked around the airport to stretch our legs and finally chose lunch at Icebox–the cakes out front drew us in. We shared a pulled pork sandwich and a piece of key lime pie, we were in south Florida after all. Both were delicious, and pretty good for airport food. We sat and enjoyed the free wireless and then headed for our plane.

As we waited to board (and sat charging our electronics), we watched a lady with two chihuahuas croon over them and then let one of them charge and snap at several people who walked by. As dog owners, nothing annoys us more than bad dog owners.

We finally boarded the plane, and unluckily had a tall man sitting between us for this leg. I slept, while Sheri read most of the way to Grenada. We had the first Caribbean sunset on he plane as we went from sunny Miami to the cloudy Caribbean.

We landed to rainy weather at 8:45pm, after about twelve hours of traveling. We stood in line waiting to get through customs close to the back of the line. While I was pulling something else from the bag, one of our cameras fell out and cracked the display screen–that’s why we always carry two cameras on trips. It still works, but isn’t as easy to use.

We got through Customs, collected our bags and were met by our taxi driver who had been waiting for us. He drove us to Maca Bana Hotel, only about a five minute drive from the airport. The owner showed us our villa which was very impressive. It had a full, well-stocked kitchen, an outside sitting area and hot tub, comfortable bedroom and bathroom with a walk-in shower that Sheri loves. It was almost 10:30pm, and we decided to forego dinner, and not to go out after our long day traveling. Instead, we headed to bed.