Boarding the Diamant

I got up early and decided to go for a run. I dropped the car keys off under the mat and left the car unlocked for Lorry to pick up later. He said he wasn’t afraid of the car being stolen (not much crime on Grenada), and often just left the car running with the keys in it. I guess it is an island, not many places to take it.

I headed north towards St Georges., running along the sidewalk. It quickly warmed up, and I realized that I wasn’t used to running in humidity. I ran past the port where we would be leaving later that day and into the Carenage itself. There were people heading to church and fishermen coming back on boats. The port was quiet on an early Sunday morning. I turned around after two and a half miles and headed back. On my way back, I stopped at a fruit stand and picked up some apple bananas, so sweet, for our breakfast. I awkwardly ran back with my little feast.

I got back and Sheri was outside reading. I presented her our simple breakfast which she loved, while I headed for a shower. We dressed and packed, and called the front desk for a late checkout, but they never called back.

At noon, we finally went down to the front desk,to swap our towels for dry ones, and they decided to let us check out late for free. The hotel was empty, so it wasn’t a great issue for them, while we spent time at the pool.

We went to a different pool this time–another waterfall, but two (cold water) jaccuzzis this time. We ordered drinks (I had a rum punch and Sheri had a Yellow Bird Cocktail). For food, we ordered a grilled fish sandwich and fries (it was so good last night), and chicken wings. While we waited for our food, a quick storm came through, so we moved from our pool chairs to a covered table. The bartender talked to us about Grenada and the weather and the other islands; it must be a pretty boring job in the off season with not many customers. The food came and was again pretty good.

The storms passed and we returned to the beach chairs for reading and Internet. Someone was cleaning the pool, and actually had goggles and a snorkel to clean the deep corners. I tried out the jaccuzzis, and the jets were nice. At 2:30 we headed back to our room for a quick shower, and then back to the lobby. We hung out for a while, and finally had them order us a taxi. It arrived and took us to the port. We went straight to the boat.

We boarded around 4, and were the first passengers to arrive. We met Crystal, who did the paperwork for departure and credit cards, and Brandon, the steward. We were served rum swizzles.There was a mixup and people were supposed to show up at 3 and not 5. We took our bags down to our cabin. Bunk beds with a wide lower bunk, and a small bathroom. Cozy, but lots of storage and better than the Windjammer Barefoot Cruise where the toilet and shower was all in one room.

We dropped off our stuff and went back topside for drinks. The sky opened up with pouring rain, and we were glad we went early. Slowly the other passengers arrived and dropped off their things in their cabins. Ultimately, there were twelve passengers, and six crew. We enjoyed an appetizer of calamari, shrimp on a potato with cheese, and fruit. We enjoyed the food and mingled with the other passengers,

At 7, dinner was served. We had a salad, black beans and rice, and pork. Dessert was a piece of apple-cranberry pie. It was very tasty. Captain Nervo told us about the plan for the next day and a little bit about the week. After much conversation, we finally headed back to our cabin to rest.