The day began very early. We set sail out of Port Louis Marina at 5am. We joined the crew up top to see the sails being raised (with a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace playing on the sound system). We caught a beautiful Caribbean sunrise, and the weather was perfect. We hung out for a bit, until we got to the north end of Grenada then went back below to finish sleeping. Larry slept until around 8 and woke feeling very sick. He joined the other passengers on deck, most of who were also sick. Sailing with 3 foot swells on a 100-foot boat isn’t rough, but there’s a lot of movement. It the first time I’d seen Larry seasick.

Same story for me, though. I was feeling queasy just sitting at the dock so I expected to be sick. Mostly just nauseous, but I brought candied ginger with me to settle my stomach. I don’t think any of the passengers ate breakfast as the boat continued to rock. As soon as we dropped anchor in Carriacau, Larry felt a lot better.

We boarded the launch to Carriacau, a small island that’s still part of The Grenadines. We wandered around Tyrrel Bay for a bit. It was a little run down, and there wasn’t much to see. If we had more time there we would have ventured to other parts of the island, but instead we found an open wireless signal, grabbed email and went back to the boat for lunch.

Another 20 minutes of sailing and we were at an isolated stretch of white sand beach. And turquoise blue, crystal clear water. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the beach and snorkeling. Not the greatest snorkel spot, but the water felt great. Once we’d had enough sun (and bugs, they love me), we went back to the ship again for a hot shower followed by snacks and rum swizzles up on deck.

We sailed again to our overnight spot, about another 40 minutes. It was a gorgeous evening, sitting on the ship having dinner and listening to the fish splash in the water. Larry was feeling much better but I still felt nauseous. I ate most of the excellent lentil soup, but barely touched the grilled tuna and linguine alfredo.

We turned in early again (a day of doing absolutely nothing can be draining).